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AMEG back to nature!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

For a long time, AMEG did not have a chance to get together for a day out due to the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, we went out for a hiking trip to Imsbach, Tholey. We were very lucky to have dry and sunny weather after the previous stormy days. The hiking trail was really enjoyable, with wonderful meadow landscapes and shadowy forest paths. We could really feel the autumn vibe with the mixture of different colours of the falling leaves, the chestnuts on the pathway and the mushrooms growing between the moss. Even some members of the group lost their way by picking some mushrooms! After a few hours of hiking, we finally reached the starting point. Then, we shortly drove to the nearby restaurant Schaumberg Alm, where we enjoyed very warm and hearty meals, and of course delicious desserts! Very happy to finally do a group activity again in nature and hopefully the next one is coming soon. Until next time!!

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