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Dr. Mariia Lopatniuk


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My Story

Maria received her bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Ivan Franko 
Lviv National University in Ukraine. In 2013 she won a 1-year DAAD 
scholarship and joined AMEG. There, in 2014, she started her Ph.D. 
studies. During this time, she worked on optimizing the Streptomyces 
host strain for improved production of natural products via ribosome 
engineering and derivatization studies of ribosomally synthesized and 
post-translationally modified peptides. Since receiving her Ph.D. in 
2020, she has continued her work in AMEG as a postdoctoral researcher. 
During this time, she has been working on discovering new natural 
compounds from Actinobacteria via activating silent gene clusters. In 
addition, Maria is interested in genome mining for natural products, 
their biosynthesis, and synthetic biology.


+49 (0)681 302-70225

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