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Birgit Rosenkränzer


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My Story

Birgit comes from beautiful Saarland. After finishing her training as biological technical assistant and spending years in pharmaceutical quality control, she finally found the perfect place for her in AMEG. Her research interests lies in the field of molecular biology of microorganisms. She has the most fun performing genetic engineering of the lovely but sometimes stubborn streptomycetes. Natural product analytics is okay but all kinds of compound purification she would better leave them for the others :).

Among other things the development of the interactive marker excision system for genetic engineering of streptomycetes, construction of the genome-minimized Streptomyces albus chassis and the discovery of albucidin biosynthetic pathway belong to her past projects. The current projects remain top secret until they will get published. Her main daily responsibilities is playing mother to countless PhD students and preventing total collapse of the lab.

She spend her leisure time with friends, do sports, go to concerts and brew beer.

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